Sajen was a Suliban male imprisoned at Tandaran Detention Complex 26. He was a friend of Danik. Sajen kept a journal of his time at the detention complex. When Starfleet officers Jonathan Archer and Travis Mayweather were imprisoned there in January of 2152, Sajen and Mayweather were initially wary of one another; Mayweather because of preconceptions of the Suliban after run-ins with the Suliban Cabal, and Sajen because of the Human's physical resemblance to Tandarans.

When Archer tried to enlist the Suliban in an escape attempt, Sajen refused because he believed that there was no hope of escape and that he would be killed. He also believed that Archer and Mayweather may have been planted among the Suliban to stir up trouble so that the guards would have an excuse to kill them. However, after a heated discussion with Travis, Sajen joined the Human and Suliban prisoners in the effort to escape. With assistance from the crew of Enterprise NX-01, he escaped the camp. (ENT: "Detained")

Sajen was played by actor Christopher Shea.
In the final draft script of "Detained", Sajen was introduced with the description, "He's early 30's, gruff, suspicious of outsiders."
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