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Sal was a delegate for the Construction Workers Union before the Second World War, as well as a gangster who worked with Carmine as a loan shark.

In an alternate timeline created due to multiple temporal incursions by various factions in the Temporal War, Sal worked with Carmine, Vic and Alicia Travers as a resistance fighter in 1944, fighting against the occupation of the East Coast of the United States by the Nazi/Na'kuhl alliance. Sal led a resistance cell in attacking a Nazi convoy and rescuing Captain Jonathan Archer, who had been transported to this time period by a temporal agent named Daniels, from Nazi custody.

A few days later, he helped Archer interrogate a Na'kuhl named Ghrath for information, and ultimately shot Ghrath to death despite objections from Archer. During an encounter with the German occupiers later that night, Sal was shot in the back by a Nazi soldier armed with an MP40 submachine gun while attempting to flee from them. Fortunately for Sal, the damage done to the timeline was ultimately reversed by Archer. (ENT: "Storm Front")

Background information

Sal was portrayed by actor Joe Maruzzo. Maruzzo lists this credit on his IMDb resume but with the character name "Joey".

In the final draft script of "Storm Front", Sal was initially described as "a tall, menacing figure."

In an ultimately omitted line of dialogue from the final draft script of "Storm Front", Sal told Alicia Travers she was "a stubborn pain in the ass." Later in the same scene, Alicia, left alone with Archer, told him that Sal's wife had been sent to Haddonfield, a forced-labor camp.

In dialogue that wasn't scripted but is in the final version of "Storm Front", Sal refers to himself as "a generous guy."

Sal features prominently in a deleted scene from the Enterprise Season 4 DVD. While waiting for Ghrath to arrive, Sal offers Jonathan Archer a puff on a cigar he says may be "the last Cuban in the city". After Archer turns him down, Sal mentions that he'd heard rumors of German medical experiments, suggesting that the grey-skinned, red-eyed man Archer saw was the result of such an experiment. He also discusses other rumors, of "guns that shoot light instead of bullets" and thereby turn their targets to dust, comparing the idea to a story told by Orson Welles. Archer recognizes it as Welles' infamous unscheduled reading of War of the Worlds, and Sal admits that he was one of the many people who believed the broadcast to be an actual news report of an alien invasion, and fled in panic, though he bitterly comments that with the way the war with the Germans is going, he would almost prefer a Martian invasion. He also claimed to have called his sister in Jersey, who broke her ankle while running to the car to escape, an accident which financially cost him dearly.