Salish was the medicine chief among the tribe of American Indians who lived on the planet Amerind. As medicine man, Salish was bound to marry Miramanee, the tribal priestess, in accordance to their tribal custom.

In 2268, he was the most outspoken against Kirok being the god the Wise Ones promised would come to protect them from the asteroid that threatened their planet. Salish lost his position as medicine chief, and subsequently Miramanee, to Kirok, following Kirok's miraculous resuscitation of a drowned boy.

Salish became extremely jealous of Kirok and attempted to prevent his arrival to Kirok and Miramanee's joining day. During the attack he struck Kirok, causing him to bleed, proving to him once and for all that Kirok was indeed not a god. He then told Kirok to kill him, promising that he would not rest until he could prove to his people that he was no god.

He later proved to his people that Kirok was a false god when he was unable to stop the storms attributed to the incoming asteroid. He led his tribe in the stoning of Kirok and Miramanee at the obelisk. Miramanee and her unborn child ultimately died of her injuries. (TOS: "The Paradise Syndrome")

Salish was played by actor Rudy Solari.
Salish is the name of both a Pacific-northwest American Indian tribe at Wikipedia and their language at Wikipedia.
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