"Maybe they ate each other."

The Salvoxia was a Talaxian freighter.

Around the 2270s, the Salvoxia suffered a cascade failure. System after system failed, and eventually, the life support generators began to fail one by one. There wasn't enough air to sustain the whole crew, so they began to draw lots, hopefully awaiting rescue, which never came. The entire crew eventually asphyxiated. The Salvoxia drifted in space for eighty years until it was discovered.

During a ship-wide power loss aboard the USS Voyager, the Talaxian Neelix, Voyager's chef, recounted the Salvoxia's story to Tuvok, the chief tactical officer. Later, Neelix also shared the tale with Icheb, Mezoti, and the other Borg children staying aboard Voyager. This prompted ghoulish speculation on the part of the children as to the circumstances of the Salvoxia's last days, such as whether her crew had resorted to cannibalism once their rations had run out, and if their bodies had decomposed or were preserved by the vacuum of space. (VOY: "The Haunting of Deck Twelve")

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