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"And it's nice to know the lady is as intelligent as she is beautiful."
– Leonard McCoy, 2270 ("The Counter-Clock Incident")

Doctor Sarah April was a 23rd century Human female who served as the first chief medical officer aboard the USS Enterprise, under the command of her husband, Captain Robert April, from 2245 to 2250. (TAS: "The Counter-Clock Incident")


At some point during her life, Sarah would join Starfleet and in 2245, would be assigned to the USS Enterprise as the chief medical officer under the command of Captain Robert April. The two would eventually fall in love and get married.

According to, Sarah April was born around 2200. [1]

As Enterprise's CMO, Dr. April was something of a pioneer, designing a number of new procedures and medical instruments, largely out of her own necessity. As of 2270, many of her innovations were still used in starship sickbays.

She and her husband were traveling to Babel for the Ambassador-at-Large's retirement party when a ship was flying into the Beta Niobe supernova at warp 36. Upon the Enterprise's entry through the supernova, she was also the first to notice the strange time-reversing properties of the reverse universe; her Capellan flower, which only moments before had been dying, had bloomed anew.

When she, Robert, and the crew of the Enterprise found themselves growing biologically younger, she looked after the "children" while Robert took command of the ship once more. After returning to their universe again, she expressed a desire to live her life over again, but Robert talked her out of it, saying that such a chance an opportunity was for those whose lives were unfulfilled. He didn't believe they could possibly improve on what they had already been to each other, a statement which elicited a kiss from her. (TAS: "The Counter-Clock Incident")

Memorable quotes

"Captain Kirk, the Capellan flower."
"I'm sure Captain Kirk has other problems besides your flower, dear."
"You don't understand. Before we entered this universe it was about to die and-and now it's in full bloom again."
"How is that possible?"
"It's as if it were growing younger again. I-I can almost feel it while I-I'm holding it."

- Sarah April, Robert April, and James Kirk

"Our trip into the negative universe gave it [the flower] a second life. It gave all of us a second life."

- Sarah April to her husband Robert April



Background information

April was voiced by Nichelle Nichols.

According to the script for "The Counter-Clock Incident", April was described as "slightly younger than her husband but also with gray hair. She is dressed in high fashion, reminding us of the circles of Federation society she travels in. She carries a single flower, with an inticate multi-colored blossom."


In the books Final Frontier and Best Destiny, both written by Diane Carey, Sarah's maiden name is given as Poole. Final Frontier tells the story of how she met Robert. A veterinarian after her Starfleet career initially ended, his dog was a patient of hers and they developed a friendship during their various encounters. They married in 2246.

In the Star Trek: Mirror Universe story "Ill Winds", her mirror universe counterpart (β) is said to have developed the agonizer.

She may either be dead or have never met Robert (β) by 2259 of the alternate reality.

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