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The Doctor, a master of sarcasm

"Maybe all those command subroutines are compromising your medical abilities."
"Maybe all that sarcasm is compromising your natural charm."
- Harry Kim and The Doctor (VOY: "Workforce")

Sarcasm was a mode of expression, common among Humans and many other species, in which the speaker made a bitter jibe or taunting remark about someone or something. Sarcasm often involved irony to some extent.

In 2256, noting the tendency of Michael Burnham to disagree with the theories of Saru, Captain Philippa Georgiou quipped "Ensign Connor. Agreement between my senior officers. Note the date and time," after Burnham actually did agree with one of these theories. To this, Burnham asked if that amount of sarcasm was always necessary, and Georgiou replied that it was not, but she liked it. (DIS: "The Vulcan Hello")

According to Elim Garak, Odo was rather skilled in the use of sarcasm. (DS9: "The Die is Cast")

Neelix, annoyed with Tuvok for ignoring and belittling his suggestions, stated that he hid contempt and sarcasm beneath an exterior of Vulcan calm. (VOY: "Rise") While Vulcans were not generally known for having a sense of humor, Tuvok had something of a flair for dry sarcasm. When he and several other members of the USS Voyager crew beamed down to Los Angeles on Earth in 1996 wearing fitting civilian clothing for the time, he commented "We could have worn our Starfleet uniforms. I doubt if anyone would have noticed," upon observing some of the more colorful local fashions. (VOY: "Future's End") In 2373, when Neelix stated that he had a comment to make regarding his characterization in Tuvok's tactical training scenario holoprogram, Insurrection Alpha, Tuvok replied sarcastically "How surprising." (VOY: "Worst Case Scenario") In 2374, when Captain Kathryn Janeway, addled by Srivani experiments that were pumping up her dopamine levels, urged him to "straighten out" thirteen department heads regarding lax behavior on Voyager, he responded "Shall I flog them as well?" (VOY: "Scientific Method")

Perhaps unusual for a hologram, The Doctor developed quite a knack for sarcasm, which his creator Lewis Zimmerman noted in 2376, commenting that he had not programmed The Doctor for sarcasm. Zimmerman, a mostly bald man, had something of a knack for sarcasm himself, telling The Doctor that one of the initial symptoms of the illness that was threatening his life was "radical hair loss." (VOY: "Life Line") When the Voyager crew first made contact with the Qomar, The Doctor, annoyed with their patronizing mannerisms, delivered a sarcastic parody. (VOY: "Virtuoso") In 2377, when a queasy Harry Kim criticized The Doctor, then in ECH mode, for neglecting his primary medical duties, suggesting that The Doctor's command subroutines might be compromising his medical abilities, The Doctor turned their conversation into a sarcastic repartee, as he drily remarked that all that sarcasm might be compromising Kim's natural charm. (VOY: "Workforce")

Examples of sarcasm

One could invent items that didn't actually exist for the purpose of making a sarcastic remark in order to amplify the ridiculousness of the statement being made. Examples included the "Cardassian Ministry for the Refutation of Bajoran Fairy Tales" (DS9: "Explorers") and the "Captain Proton Comatizer" (VOY: "Repression"), invented by Benjamin Sisko and Harry Kim respectively in sarcastic responses.

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