Rain in ShiKahr

Shuttlecraft DSC 06 landing at Sarek's residence, 2257.

Sarek's street

A street outside of Sarek's house

The Residence of Ambassador Sarek was Sarek's house in ShiKahr on Vulcan that he shared with his wife Amanda Grayson, his son Spock and his ward Michael Burnham in the 23rd century. (DIS: "Brother", "Light and Shadows")

The residence was surrounded by forest and mountains, featuring a landing pad and dual staircases up to the house.

The house had at least four floors, with most walls consisting of curved floor-to-ceiling blinded windows. A spartan two-floor entry room atop a staircase had balconies looking down on it from the floor above, and a simple seating area. The entry connected to a lower level that Sarek used to meditate. (DIS: "Light and Shadows")

During Michael's youth, she ran away from the house on foot into the forests of Vulcan's Forge, nearly to the outskirts of ShiKahr. (DIS: "Point of Light", "If Memory Serves")

In 2257 descending to Vulcan, Michael Burnham aboard shuttlecraft DSC 06 was contacted by Vulcan officials to confirm her identity and destination before approving her approach to Ambassador Sarek's residence for personal business. (DIS: "Light and Shadows")

Background informationEdit

Amanda and Sarek's home was filmed at Integral House, a mansion located in downtown Toronto. "It was a perfect logic, Vulcan house," noted Alex Kurtzman. He specifically thought its extreme starkness "felt very Vulcan." ("Brother" audio commentary, DIS Season 2 DVD & Blu-ray special features.)

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