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The Sarpeidon natives were a civilized humanoid species from the Alpha Quadrant. They were native to the M-class planet Sarpeidon.


In its history, this species went through a period similar to Earth's 17th century, which included the fear of witchcraft.

According to the script notes, from the 12 December 1968 copy of the final draft, "The place and people's costumes, although they do not exactly reproduce any period in Earth's past, are sufficiently reminiscent of Charles II's England to give the impression that this is a corresponding period in the planet's past. Similarly, the people speak with a slight brogue and some inflections of Early Modern English. But it is clear that it is not Earth."

A notable tyrant from the planet's past was known as Zor Kahn. This tyrant had access to advanced time portal technology known as the Atavachron, which he used to punish those who opposed him.

According to a deleted line from the script's final draft, Zora Kahn's rule ended over a century prior to the date of the supernova.

When the natives became aware of the pending supernova of its star, Beta Niobe, all of the inhabitants of the planet evacuated to various time periods in the planet's past of their own choosing, through the Atavachron, using verism tapes. As the natives passed through the portal to the time period of their choosing the Atavachron prepared their cell structure and brain patterns to make their lives natural in the chosen time period, with the understanding that they may never return to their planet's present time.

While investigating Beta Niobe's final hours in 2269, the planet was visited by the Federation starship USS Enterprise. A landing party consisting of James T. Kirk, Spock, and Leonard McCoy, beamed down to learn the whereabouts or fate of the natives. Upon their arrival, it was noted that the species lacked the ability for spaceflight to escape; mass suicide was ruled out as well. After locating a power source, a library containing the Atavachron, they discovered the lone survivor of the planet, Atoz. Atoz, believing the three to also be natives, who was surprised to see them, as he believed "that everyone had long since gone", attempted to hurry them off to the past.

During their brief encounter at the library, Kirk was accidentally sent the the planet's era of witchcraft, while Spock and McCoy were sent to the planet's ice age, 5,000 years into the past. Upon their return, just moments before the supernova occurred, they were able to escape the planet's destruction, and Atoz, the last of the planet's natives was able to successfully escape into the past. (TOS: "All Our Yesterdays")

Also according to cut dialogue from final draft of the script, this species was identified as "Sarpeids".


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