Alternate Reality
(split 2233)

Satine was an alien male who, in the alternate reality, was serving in the operations division aboard the USS Enterprise shortly before that starship was destroyed in 2263.

He was among the crewmembers who were held captive by Krall on Altamid. (Star Trek Beyond)

Background information

Satine was played by actor Bryce Soderberg, who received no on-screen credit for his appearance.

The makeup for the character of Satine was based on the design of a Venus fly trap and was sculpted by Matt Rose. [1] [2] Original test paint for Satine was designed by Special Makeup Effects Artist Bronwyne Sloley. Next, Special Makeup Effects Artist Daemon Cadman was given the task of slightly changing the makeup scheme, so there were two variations of it. In total, approximately twelve sets of Satine makeup were produced. Makeup Effects Artists Charles Poirlier and Suzie Klimack handled the application of the makeup sets, and they were all painted by Cadman. [3]

The task of portraying Satine turned out to be a challenge. "Bryce was completely covered in makeup and prosthetics. He even was covered with acrylic eyes that had to be removed [between takes] with magnets so he could see. Somehow, one day when we took out those acrylic eyes, a bee managed to fly into one of the tiny holes. I looked over at him, and suddenly his arms were flailing. Fortunately, he didn't get stung," laughed Special Makeup Effects Supervisor Joel Harlow. "We got in there and the bee was trapped, but found its way out." [4]

In the background of a deleted scene from Star Trek Beyond, Satine met Deep C-Zar in a busy terminal at Starbase Yorktown.

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