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== References ==
== References ==
* [[TOS]] "[[Tomorrow is Yesterday]]"
* [[TOS]] "[[Tomorrow is Yesterday]]"
* [[TNG]] "[[The First Duty]]"
[[Category:Planets]][[Category:Sol system]]
[[Category:Planets]][[Category:Sol system]]

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Saturn The Enterprise-D as she passes Saturn on her way to Earth in 2367.
Diameter:120,536 km
Mass:5.688 * 10^26 kg (95.217 * Earth)
Surface Gravity:8.96 m/sec^2
Distance from Primary:9.51 AU
Surface Temperature:-130º Celsius (mean at cloud-top)
Rotational Period:10 hours, 14 minutes
Orbital Period:29.45 years

Saturn is the sixth planet of the Sol System.

Astronomical Data


Sol System, Sol Sector (Sector 001), Alpha Quadrant.


Saturn has over 30 known satellites, including Janus, Mimas, Titan, and Hyperion.

Further Information


The first Earth probe to visit Saturn was Pioneer 11 in 1979.

Around 2020 the first manned expidition from Earth to Saturn took place under the command of NASA Colonel Shaun Geoffrey Christopher.

This creates an odd continuity problem with VOY, where it was once mentioned that the first manned mission to Mars did not occur until 2032. However, in this context rumors arose that the mentioned Saturn mission was a secret military enterprise.


Although Saturn itself is uninhabited, itself and its moons are Federation territory.


Saturn is often considered as the pearl of the Sol system, which is originated in the planet's beautiful appearance together with its distinct ring-system. Like Jupiter, Saturn is a class J gas giant.


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