Saurium krellide 024 was a controllable medium yield propellant used for small solid rocket motor devices and emergency disconnect explosive bolts. The proper use of this propellant was followed in accordance to the Starfleet regulation SFRA 84349 (a regulation that was applicable to all spacecraft vehicles), which was also applied to propellants used in the ullage thruster devices and vernier thruster devices. In 2367, this propellant was stored on aboard the Federation starship USS Enterprise-D.

In that year, saurium krellide 024 was on a list of explosives that Lieutenant Commander Data and Counselor Deanna Troi searched through in an attempt to find one that could produce enough energy to release the USS Enterprise-D and an alien ship from the Tyken's Rift. (TNG-R: "Night Terrors")

For the remastered episode, the name was changed from toddtracium to this.
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