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Scarlett Pomers (born 28 November 1988; age 35) is an American former singer-songwriter and child actress who played Naomi Wildman in the fifth through seventh seasons of Star Trek: Voyager.

Her other most famous acting role was that of Kyra Hart in Reba between 2001 and 2007. Guest stars on this show included Leslie Jordan, Jeff Yagher, Tom Virtue, Stanley Kamel, and Matt McCoy.

She has also made guest appearances on such television series as Touched by an Angel (with Brian Keith and Ray Buktenica), Seven Days (starring Norman Lloyd, with Alan Scarfe and Nikki Tyler), Diagnosis: Murder (with Richard Riehle and Leon Russom), Providence (starring Concetta Tomei, with Ed Begley, Jr.), and Judging Amy (with Kellie Waymire, Spencer Garrett, and Margot Rose).

She was featured in Geppetto (2000, starring Brent Spiner and René Auberjonois). Her feature film credits include The Baby-Sitters Club (1995, with Bruce Davison and Harris Yulin), Mighty Joe Young (1998, with Lawrence Pressman, David Paymer, Robert Wisdom and Richard Riehle), Happy, Texas (1999, with Ron Perlman, Paul Dooley), and Erin Brockovich (2000, with William Lucking). She also lent her voice to the role of baby Carrie in Baby Geniuses (1999, starring Christopher Lloyd and Kim Cattrall).

Late in 2005, Pomers entered a rehabilitation clinic in an effort to combat her anorexia. She was released in January 2006, and went public with her problem shortly thereafter. She later rejoined the cast of the aforementioned Reba for its final season.

After Reba ended its run in 2007, Pomers retired from acting and concentrated on her musical career. Her band, SCARLETT, released its first 5-song EP entitled Insane in 2010, through her official website and iTunes. In 2014, she was still involved in singing and songwriting, however, as she stated, only as a pastime, not for money, not for a living.

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