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"Scavengers" is the thirty-third episode of The Ready Room. It is the sixth episode of the third season and covers the Star Trek: Discovery third season episode "Scavengers".

It is the twentieth episode of The Ready Room hosted by Wil Wheaton. The episode's guest was Neville Page, the Concept Designer for Discovery. He discussed his process for creating aliens such as Saru and shared his favorites which were Molly the trance worm and the bioluminescent insect. He also discussed how he designed Linus and Wen’s helmet. Later, the Prop Master Mario Moreira is interviewed. He discusses all the new props he made including the hand cannon, tricombadge, and the drill used to put trackers in the neck of prisoners.


  • Moments of Discovery: Off The Book
  • Interview with Neville Page
  • Trivia Question: Andorian antennae serve what function?
  • Interview with Mario Moreira
  • Trivia Answer: Aiding in balance
  • Exclusive clip for "Unification III"

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