Archer IV scorpion

An "Archerite" "scorpion thing"

For the VOY episode of the same name, please see "Scorpion".

The scorpion was a member of the arachnid family native to planet Earth.

Chakotay once told Kathryn Janeway the "Tale of the Scorpion". Later, Janeway used "scorpion" as a codeword with Chakotay to inform him that Seven of Nine was attempting to betray the crew of the USS Voyager to the Borg. (VOY: "Scorpion", "Scorpion, Part II")

Archer IV was home to a type of scorpion-like creature. One of them found its way into Commander Tucker's and Ensign Mayweather's tent when they camped on the surface in 2151. (ENT: "Strange New World")

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