The Scorpion-class vessels were small attack fliers stored aboard the Reman warbird Scimitar in 2379.

When Captain Jean-Luc Picard was captured and taken aboard the Scimitar by Praetor Shinzon, the captain and Data used a Scorpion-class vessel to escape, taking the fighter through the Scimitar's corridors when the shuttlebay doors were sealed to prevent them making a more direct exit. Although he initially found the craft difficult to maneuver, he eventually managed to drive the vessel through a window located in Shinzon's representative chamber and escape into space, where the craft was beamed aboard the USS Enterprise-E.

The Scimitar's shuttlebay, where the Scorpion-class vessels were stored, was later destroyed when the Enterprise and the Scimitar collided. (Star Trek Nemesis)

David Mack's non-canon "Twilight's Wrath" short story in the Tales of the Dominion War anthology suggests the Scorpion-class was already in service by the Dominion War.
Hallmark released a Christmas ornament of a Scorpion-class fighter in 2003, whereas company Polar Lights released a 1:33 scaled model kit (no. PL4203) in the same year.

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