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Scott Haven is an actor who appeared in three episodes of Star Trek: Deep Space Nine and Star Trek: Voyager and in Star Trek: First Contact. Footage of his appearance in First Contact was later re-used in the VOY fourth season episode "Random Thoughts".

Haven played the recurring role of Mr. Carter in three episodes of Beverly Hills, 90210 in 1996, alongside Star Trek actors Ann Gillespie, Julie Parrish, and Michael Durrell. Between 1998 and 2004 he guest starred as a Navy chaplain in six episodes of the television series JAG alongside Scott MacDonald, Dana Sparks, David Q. Combs, Jane Daly, Vyto Ruginis, Joan Pringle, Peter C. Antoniou, Benjamin Brown, Gary Graham, Robert Curtis Brown, and Scott Alan Smith.

Haven has also guest starred in the television series The Sentinel (1997, episode Blind Man's Bluff), Caroline in the City (1997, episode Caroline and the Kept Man, with Amy Pietz), ER (1997, episode Random Acts, with Stanley Kamel), Dharma & Greg (1997 in the Pilot episode and 1998 in the episode Spring Forward, Fall Down, in both alongside Mitchell Ryan), That `70s Show (1998, episode Drive In, with Kurtwood Smith, Don Stark, and Alex Nevil), Will & Grace (2002, episode Dyeing Is Easy, Comedy Is Hard), and Without a Trace (2004, episode Thou Shalt Not..., with series regular Enrique Murciano and with Amanda Carlin, Bill Smitrovich, and Stephen Pisani).

Haven has also acted in a few films such as The Babe (1992, with James Cromwell, Bernard Kates, Danny Goldring, Michael McGrady, Kara Zediker, Shannon Cochran, and Michael Papajohn), the comedy Watch It (1993), the television film Lansky (1999, with Francis Guinan, Maury Ginsberg, Peggy Jo Jacobs, Bert Remsen, and Michelle Bonilla), and the short drama Clara (1999).

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