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Scott Lincoln is an actor who appeared as a Telsian miner in the Star Trek: Voyager sixth season episode "Live Fast and Prosper".

He appeared as a guest star in a number of television series beginning with "M*A*S*H" in 1983. Later that year, he appeared in an episode of "The A-Team", a series that starred Star Trek: The Next Generation's Dwight Schultz. The episode also featured Andrew Robinson.

By 1986, he was making regular appearances in movies including Three Fugitives (1989, with Bruce McGill, Sherman Howard, Tim de Zarn, Brian Thompson, Alan Ruck, Albert Henderson, and Gary Armagnac), Internal Affairs (1990, with Victoria Dillard, Jimmy Ortega, Marco Rodriguez, Heather Lauren Olson, Valerie Wildman and Jeff Bornstein), and K-Pax (2001, with Alfre Woodard, Mary Mara, William Lucking, Kelly Connell, Clete Francis, B'Jahn, Pat Jankiewicz, Joseph Steven, Julie Sands, and Frank Collison)

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