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Scott Nimerfro (12 July 196117 April 2016; age 54) was a writer and producer who co-wrote the Star Trek: Voyager first season episode "Jetrel" with James Thomton. He was also the associate producer on the 1997 Star Trek documentary Trekkies.

For many years, Nimerfro was a writer and associate producer on the hit series Tales from the Crypt. He also co-produced the 1995 Tales from the Crypt film Demon Knight and served as associate producer on the 1996 Crypt film Bordello of Blood.

Besides Voyager, Nimerfro has written for three other science fiction shows: Showtime's The Outer Limits, UPN's Special Unit 2, and Sci-Fi Channel's Stargate: Atlantis. He was also an associate producer on the blockbuster 2000 film X-Men, starring Patrick Stewart, Famke Janssen, and Bruce Davison.

Most recently, he was a writer and co-executive producer on Hannibal and Once Upon a Time.

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