The scouter-gig was a small motorboat that was carried aboard Constitution-class Federation starships during the late-2260s. This craft was stowed aboard in case the starship ever needed to disembark crew to explore the surface of an oceanic terrain.

In 2269, the scouter-gig NCC-1701/R6 was used to search for James T. Kirk and Spock, who had gone missing on the planet Argo. (TAS: "The Ambergris Element")

It was not shown in the episode how the scouter-gig was delivered to the surface of Argo, however the first draft of the script has the gig beamed down from the USS Enterprise.
The scouter-gig was described in the first draft of the script as "A long, slim, canoe-like boat [...] It was constructed of a light, silvery metal substance and has a small cylindrical power pack of the same material along the lower part of its outside, at the water line. There is a small console panel at the rear of the craft. The boat looks swift and maneuverable."
The scouter-gig was one of several terrain-specialized transports on Federation starships, others including the aqua-shuttle and the USS Enterprise-E's Argo.

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