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Secret Hideout, Inc. is a television and movie production company founded and owned by Alex Kurtzman, incorporated on 21 August 2014 and operating out of Los Angeles, California, USA. [1] The company is producing the Star Trek series Star Trek: Discovery, Star Trek: Short Treks, Star Trek: Picard, Star Trek: Lower Decks, and Untitled Section 31 series.

According to an official announcement, the company will focus on "developing compelling filmmaker-driven projects and deeper storytelling narratives with an eye towards franchise and multi-quadrant films". The company signed a three-year production agreement with Universal Studios in September 2014. [2] Kurtzman needed to establish his own production company, when he parted ways with Roberto Orci, in the guise of their co-owned K/O Paper Products production company, for feature films in 2014 and for television in 2016, when Kurtzman signed his deal with CBS Television Studios, which eventually resulted in Discovery. [3] Several K/O staffers moved over to Kurtzman's new company.

In mid-2018, Kurtzman signed a five-year deal with CBS to oversee an expansion of the Star Trek franchise under Secret Hideout, as well as agreeing exclusive rights to any non-Trek series developed by the company. The deal was brokered by Leslie Moonves as his final act as CBS Corporation chairman, before he was ousted because of the #Me Too movement controversy he was deeply embroiled in at that time. [4]

Ever since Kurtzman signed his deal in 2016, Secret Hideout became the focus of fan rumors (as reported by, among others, the YouTube channel Midnight's Edge) which centered around the assumption of Kurtzman aiming for a total takeover of the franchise with the intent of completely re-imagining Star Trek by dispensing with Roddenberry/Berman-era Star Trek altogether in all forms and formats. The exact details and nature of the two deals, the 2018 one in particular, were shrouded in mystery, and the rumors therefore remained unsubstantiated until 6 May 2019. On that date, it was officially announced that the newly formed "Star Trek Global Franchise Management" would be based out of Secret Hideout's premises, providing a first official confirmation of how profound Kurtzman's involvement actually was in the entirety of the Star Trek phenomenon, as "content development plans" were to be developed "under the stewardship of Alex Kurtzman". [5]

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