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Lt. Shelby is a Borg! Is it all Riker's fault?!

Background informationEdit

  • This issue contains two stories:
  • The publication date is listed inside as July 1997, but the cover lists it as September 1997.
  • This issue featured the first appearance in this series of the two page "Star Trek Universe" listing characters and a brief summary of prior events in the comic.


  • Writers:
  • Artists:
  • Editors:
    • Tim Tuohy (credited as "afraid of the dark" in Secret Lives and "passenger" in As Flies to Wanton Boys)
    • Chip Carter (editorial assistant – credited as "likes dark space stations" in Secret Lives and "travel agent" in As Flies to Wanton Boys)
    • Bob Harras (editor in chief – credited as "fears nothing" in Secret Lives and "hijacker" in As Flies to Wanton Boys)



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