Sector 32834 was a region of space.

In 2369, Geordi La Forge, when investigating the murder of Lieutenant Keith Rocha, requested a display of the personal records of the lieutenant from the Relay Station 47 computer for stardates 46455 to 46460. One of these records mentioned this sector.

In the log entry, Rocha wrote, "Heavy load today. Starfleet Command requested 20 new lines between Starbase 515 and Sector 32834. Apparently in support of expanded exploratory ops. The only problem is that we've already promised those lines to Admiral Taylor." (TNG: "Aquiel", display graphic)

This sector was only mentioned in writing.
For the remastered episode, the log entry stardate was changed from 46457 to 45457. The log entry, with the sector's designation, was new to the episode, having replaced the pre-remastered entry.
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