USS Puget Sound USS Ganymede

Sector 450 on a Starfleet Command order

Sector 450 was a region of space.

In 2364, the USS Ganymede and the USS Puget Sound were surveying this sector. Both starship captains received orders from an admiral at the Starfleet Mission Operations Division.

In these orders, the captains were advised to avoid Subsectors 4534 to 4432 and to refrain from using high energy sensor scans in Subsector 4418. That order had been supported by Admiral Marcia Meldal-Johnsan and dealt with diplomatic negotiations with the New Zealand government. Both captains were to acknowledge this order on subspace com net security code 045, code 100 alpha. (TNG: "Conspiracy", okudagram)

This sector was only mentioned in writing.
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