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The Sector 9 Incident was the formation of a transwarp conduit of unknown origin in the Alpha Quadrant, approximately five lightyears from Earth.


"Starfleet Command, this is USS Avalon. We've detected a spatial anomaly. Please advise."
– USS Avalon officer, 2401 ("The Star Gazer")

The anomaly appears

The USS Avalon was knocked off-course by a spatial anomaly of unknown origin suddenly appearing in the Alpha Quadrant, near Gideon

Subsequently, while on a mission for the Fenris Rangers on the SS La Sirena, Emmet detected the same anomaly, reporting it to Seven of Nine.

As well, the USS Stargazer, under the command of Captain Cristóbal Rios, picks up Agnes Jurati from Raritan IV and sets a course for the anomaly.

The encounter

A force of 30 starships arrived to back up the Avalon, Stargazer, and La Sirena. A large starship of unknown design ultimately emerged from the anomaly.


Following the activation of the Stargazer's auto-destruct, Picard was taken to an alternate reality by the omnipotent entity Q.


The following is a complete list of Federation starships that participated in the incident. A dagger (†) indicates it was part of the initial fleet, but not the subsequent fleet; a double-dagger (‡) indicates it was part of the subsequent armada, but not the initial.

Ship Name Registry Class Status
USS Avalon NCC-63887 Akira-class Active†
USS Stargazer NCC-82893 Sagan-class Active
SS La Sirena NAR-93131 Kaplan F17 Speed Freighter Active
USS Excelsior NCC-42037 Excelsior II-class Active
USS Almagest NCC-91870 Sutherland-class Active
USS Gagarin NCC-97930 Gagarin-class Active
USS Vanguard NCC-75148 Ross-class Active
USS Rustazh NCC-86503 Inquiry-class Active
USS Gilgamesh NCC-74669 Sovereign-class Active†
USS Valkyrie NCC-74877 Sovereign-class Active†
USS Europa NCC-80104 Luna-class Active
USS Uhura NCC-90214 Reliant-class Active
USS Thunderchild NCC-63549 Akira-class Active
USS Huygens NCC-91814 Sutherland-class Active
USS Clark NCC-90206 Reliant-class Active
USS Ibn al-Haytham NCC-91965 Sutherland-class Active
USS Sutherland NCC-91800 Sutherland-class Active
USS Helios NCC-63284 Akira-class Active
USS Magellan NCC-86509 Inquiry-class Active
USS Shackleton NCC-86517 Inquiry-class Active
USS Reliant NCC-90200 Reliant-class Active
USS Oberon NCC-80103 Luna-class Active
USS Venture NCC-75306 Sovereign-class Active†
USS Arsinoe NCC-75307 Sovereign-class Active†
USS Yi Sun-Sin NCC-76545 Ross-class Active
USS Hutchinson NCC-74957 Sovereign-class Active
USS Eureka NCC-42023 Excelsior II-class Active†
USS Hrothgar NCC-74975 Sovereign-class Active
USS Okuda NCC-74107 Sovereign-class Active
USS Rabin NCC-63293 Akira-class Active
USS Pachacuti NCC-74181 Sovereign-class Active†
USS Nathan Hale NCC-86501 Inquiry-class Active
USS Zheng He NCC-86505 Inquiry-class Active
USS Akira NCC-63497 Akira-class Active‡
USS Archer NCC-76725 Ross-class Active‡
USS Christopher NCC-97936 Gagarin-class Active‡
USS Enkidu NCC-90205 Reliant-class Active‡
USS Firesword NCC-64280 Akira-class Active‡
USS Luna NCC-80101 Luna-class Active‡
USS Ross NCC-76710 Ross-class Active‡
USS Tiro NCC-90216 Reliant-class Active‡
Singularity N/A unique Active‡
Picard Season 2-3 production designer Dave Blass provided a list of all the vessels on his Twitter and Instagram [1]

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