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Vulcan Security insignia

Vulcan Ministry of Security insignia, 2152

The Security Directorate, also known as the Ministry of Security or Security Ministry, was a security and intelligence agency within the Vulcan High Command during the 22nd century, headed by the First Minister. They investigated threats to Vulcan security, and managed access to classified information. (ENT: "Home", "The Forge", "Awakening")

Following Ambassador Soval's termination in 2154, he was instructed to turn over any classified materials to the Security Directorate before he was to leave the High Command building. (ENT: "Awakening")

Agents & Training Edit

In the early 22nd century, T'Pol was assigned to the Ministry of Security and trained in reconnaissance and retrieval. One of her first assignments was to retrieve seven rogue Ministry agents. She tracked down the last two of them, Jossen and Menos, on Risa in 2135. (ENT: "The Seventh") During her time with the Ministry of Security, she also made a few contacts within the Klingon Empire. (ENT: "Judgment")

Investigations Edit

After the revelation and destruction of the monitoring facility at P'Jem in 2151, the First Minister was dismissed. Because of T'Pol's involvement, T'Les was investigated by the Security Ministry for removing classified material from the Vulcan Science Academy where she taught. Because of the falsified charges, she was forced into retirement. (ENT: "Home")

In 2154, the Security Directorate, under the direction of Administrator V'Las, had been monitoring the Syrranites including one of their leaders T'Pau.

That year, when the United Earth Embassy was bombed, Chief Investigator Stel of the Security Directorate was put in charge of the investigation. When it appeared the attack was committed by the Syrranites, Stel classified the investigation as a Vulcan Security matter, and informed the crew of Enterprise NX-01 that additional developments would be communicated through Ambassador Soval. (ENT: "The Forge")

Because of the continued investigation by the crew of Enterprise, Stel was (falsely) deemed a member of the Syrranites and arrested. It was revealed the bombing was actually part of a plot by V'Las to characterize T'Pau and the Syrranites as terrorists, and launch a pre-emptive strike against the Andorian Empire. (ENT: "Awakening", "Kir'Shara")

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