Security sensor display 2369

Displayed on a monitor

Security sensors were a sensor technology used on starships and space stations.

The weapons scanner was part of the security sensors aboard Deep Space 9. In 2369, Major Kira Nerys and Lieutenant Jadzia Dax used the security sensors to pinpoint the location of Chief Miles O'Brien and Commander Benjamin Sisko in airlock corridor six. (DS9: "Captive Pursuit", "Dramatis Personae")

Klingon vessels were equipped with security sensors that could detect weapons fire onboard. In 2372, Lieutenant Commander Worf and his brother Kurn infiltrated the Klingon Vor'cha-class cruiser Drovana that was docked with Deep Space 9, in order to ascertain the co-ordinates of a cloaked minefield near Bajoran space. While interrogating the ship's computer, the two were disturbed by a Klingon lieutenant, forcing Kurn to kill him with his disruptor. Worf noted the ship's security sensors would have detected the blast and suggested they hurry. (DS9: "Sons of Mogh")

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