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Seek a Newer World is a cancelled novel by Christopher L. Bennett. The novel was originally intended to be the second original novel based in the alternate reality established by Star Trek.

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From the publisher's catalog
When the Enterprise is outnumbered and under attack, the crew manages to escape and discovers an entire hidden civilization in this exciting new original Star Trek novel.
Stung by Nero's escape, the Klingons are looking to salvage their pride by besting the ship that took him down: Enterprise. Command has assigned Kirk to observe and watch how the new captain performs his duties. A boring expedition becomes a fight for survival as the Klingons attack, outnumber, and outflank the young captain and his Enterprise crew. But just as the Enterprise escapes, the crew comes across an entire civilization of worlds within worlds hidden in a radiation belt of a large planet. A civilization so powerful that they can create all this? Kirk wonders just what are they hiding from and will do whatever it takes to find out.

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Background information Edit

  • The novel was announced at the Shore Leave convention on 10 July 2009. As mentioned in Star Trek Magazine issue 148, it was to feature James T. Kirk further getting to grips with captaining the USS Enterprise.
  • Originally due to be released in June 2010, and having received solicitation in the Summer 2010 publishers' catalog, the novel – along with the other three releases based on Star Trek – was announced as being placed "on hold" on 14 January 2010. [1]
  • After seeing Star Trek Into Darkness, Bennett stated "There's no way both [the book and the film] could happen in the same continuity. At the very least it would take a heavy rewrite to make it compatible, but at this point I'm not sure it would be worth the trouble."[2]
  • As a result, Bennett was able to reuse elements of this novel in his later Pocket TOS contribution, The Face of the Unknown. Bennett estimates that a third of the later novel is comprised of reworked components of this novel. [3]

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