Selay was an inhabited major planet of the Beta Renner system in Sector 500. This was the homeworld for the Selay, a snake-like warp-capable species.

Since achieving spaceflight, Selay had been at war with the neighboring planet Antica. Prior to stardate 41249, Starfleet had detected Ferengi contacts on this planet. In 2364, Antica and Selay both applied for Federation membership. (TNG: "Lonely Among Us"; TNG: "Conspiracy" okudagram)

The planet model for Selay was first used to represent Delphi Ardu IV in "The Last Outpost". In that episode, the model was colored blue. In future uses of this model. the green color, first used here for Selay, would be retained. It would be used to represent Persephone V in "Too Short a Season", Antede III in "Manhunt", and Krios Prime in "The Perfect Mate".
According to Star Trek: Star Charts (United Federation of Planets I & II), by 2378, Selay, along with Antica, had become a member planet of the Federation.
According to the Star Trek: The Next Generation First Year Sourcebook, Selay is the first planet in the Beta Renner system. According to Worlds sourcebook, it's the fourth planet.

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