Selcundi drema planet, remastered

An unnamed planet in the first system

The Selcundi Drema sector, also called the Drema Quadrant, was a region of space containing five planetary systems. The sector was first explored by the USS Enterprise-D on stardate 42695.3. The main reason for exploration was because unmanned probes discovered unusual levels of geological activity in all five planetary systems.

The first system was charted after 42695.3. The last unmanned probe showed that one of the planets in this system had a thriving ecosystem. By the time the Enterprise had scanned the planet, it had been destroyed by geological instability.

The Enterprise entered the second system on stardate 42696.3. This was the first system on which Acting Ensign Wesley Crusher performed a planetary mineral survey of the planets in the sector.

Wesley uses both "planetary mineral survey" as well as "planetary geological survey" interchangeably.

By stardate 42737.3, the Enterprise had been in the sector for six weeks. The starship had completed a survey of the third system. A scan of the system revealed the presence of ultraviolet radiation absorption readings. These readings were indicative of traker deposits, and, where there was traker, there was dilithium. An ico-spectrogram was done of the Selcundi Drema system, with the largest dilithium ore deposit ever recorded discovered on Benev Selec (Drema IV).

On stardate 42741.3, the Enterprise had entered into orbit of Benev Selec. (TNG: "Pen Pals")

"Sel-KUN-dee DRAY-muh" was the pronunciation for this sector's name from the script pronunciation guide. [1]
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