The atomic structure of selgninaem

Selgninaem sulfide, or just Selgninaem, was a substance that wasn't normally picked up by the sensors of a Galaxy-class starship. This substance was processed in the Rigellian colonies for use as a catalyst in industrial biochemical systems.

Furthermore, along with invidium, saltzgadum, lucovexitrin, and jakmanite, it was one of only five undetectable substances that can exist in a nitrogen-oxygen atmosphere and can alter the molecular structure of glass.

Selgninaem is highly toxic and was thereby ruled out as having caused the malfunctions aboard the USS Enterprise-D in 2366, as the whole crew would have died of poisoning. (TNG: "Hollow Pursuits")

The Star Trek Encyclopedia (2nd ed., p. 436), notes that Selgninaem is 'meaningles(s)' spelled backwards.
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