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Selkie Hom (born 16 October) is a stuntwoman and aerialist who worked as stunt double for actress Isa Briones on the Star Trek: Picard first season episode "Et in Arcadia Ego, Part 2" under Stunt Coordinator Scott Rogers. She received no credit for this appearance.

Hom worked as producer and starred in the music videos "The Chain" by Ingrid Michaelson (2015, co-produced by Craig Baxley, Jr.) and "Eye of the Needle" by Sia (2015), the short film Once Upon a Dream (2015, also produced by Craig Baxley, Jr.), the short film Young + Beautiful (2017, also written by her), and the short film Human (2019, also written by her).

Hom performed stunts in episodes of Rush Hour (2016, with Lisa Roumain and coordinated by Jeff Wolfe), Rizzoli & Isles (2016, with Bruce McGill and Nolan North), American Horror Story (2016, with Angela Bassett, Frank Collison, and Marti Matulis), Lethal Weapon (2016, with Kevin Rahm, Brandon Molale, Liz and Julia Nolan, and Tim Rigby and coordinated by Tim Trella), Training Day (2017, with Mark Riccardi, Craig Baxley, Jr., Derek Graf, Alyma Dorsey, Max Daniels, Nick Hermz, Charles Ingram, Oliver Keller, and Paul Anthony Scott), Outcast (2017, with Reg E. Cathey, Chris Antonucci, John Dixon, Brian Hite, and Paul E. Short and coordinated by Hiro Koda), Better Things (2017, starring, written, produced, and directed by Pamela Adlon), Speechless (2017), and Criminal Minds (2017).

Also in 2017, Hom worked as stunt double for actress Halston Sage on the first season of the science fiction comedy series The Orville. On this series she worked with Star Trek alumni Seth MacFarlane, Penny Johnson Jerald, Scott Grimes, Victor Garber, Brian George, Joel Swetow, Dee Bradley Baker, Pat Romano, Clay Cullen, Jade Quon, Chris Palermo, Ron Canada, Brett Rickaby, J.D. Cullum, Antal Kalik, Zack Duhame, Lamont Thompson, D. Elliot Woods, Rico E. Anderson, Robert Knepper, Michael Duisenberg, Derek Graf, Eddie Davenport, Alina Andrei, Janell Haney, James Horan, Fred Tatasciore, Ernesto Chaverri, Steven Culp, Gwen Van Dam, Corey Mendell Parker, Julius Denem, Brian Thompson, Mike Estes, Angela Meryl, J. Paul Boehmer, Derek Mears, Molly Hagan, Robert Picardo, Cory DeMeyers, Jeremy Fitzgerald, and Philip Anthony-Rodriguez and directors Robert Duncan McNeill, Brannon Braga, James L. Conway, and Jonathan Frakes).

She worked as stunt double on Arrested Development (2018, with Ed Begley, Jr., Anthony De Longis, Brandon Molale, Gregory J. Barnett, Katie Rowe, and stunt coordination by Dorenda Moore), for Janel Parrish on Pretty Little Liars (2016), for Cristin Milioti on No Activity (2018, with Jack Axelrod and Laurence Rosenthal), and for Betsy Sodaro on Kingpin Katie (2019, with Dennis Keiffer, Mickey Cassidy, Mike Estes, Kevin Foster, and Eric Watson). She also worked as stunt coordinator on the short comedy Rekindled (2017).

Further stunt work includes episodes of Lucifer (2018, with Rachael Harris and coordinated by Merritt Yohnka), Legion (2019, with Solomon Brende, Darrell Craig Davis, Kiera O'Connor, Sharlene Royer, Peipei Yuan, and Henry Kingi, Jr.), Gods of Food (2019, with Mickey Cassidy), and Perry Mason (2020, with Shea Whigham, Stephen Root, Matt Frewer, Anthony Molinari, Katelyn Brooke, Stacey Carino, Darrell Craig Davis, Zack Duhame, Terry Jackson, Ray Siegle, and Nico Woulard).

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