Seltin Rakal's species were a technologically advanced spacefaring humanoid species native to the Gamma Quadrant.

A "millenia ago", a group of travelers from this species sent out an expedition that discovered the planet Meridian, located in the Trialus system. The planet, which experienced dimensional shift, stranded the expedition there, where by the 24th century, thirty of their descendants remained living, spending sixty years in a non-corporeal state, followed by a shrinking amount of time (about two weeks as of 2371) in normal spacetime. While in physical form this species were humanoid in appearance, with distinguishing markings near their eyes.

The passage between dimensions was a celebrated event on Meridian and was marked with first meal and last meal. The time spent in the physical universe was used to experience physical sensation, get to know each other, and raise families. However, as it was only during the diminishing time window of physical form that they can reproduce, the numbers of the Meridians were decreasing. When the planet manifested in 2371 in proximity to the visiting USS Defiant, the crew were able to determine the cause of Meridian's dimensional shifts and develop a plan to improve its stability in this dimension, with the result that their next manifestation would last for thirty years. (DS9: "Meridian")

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