Sepek was a Vulcan child who lived in the city of ShiKahr during the 2230s.

In 2237, Sepek, along with his friends Sofek and Stark, harassed the then 7-year-old Spock for his half-Human heritage, by taunting "Earther! Barbarian! Emotional Earther!" He furthered the taunt by stating "Your father brought shame to Vulcan. He married a Human." When Spock finally became angry and weakly lunged at his main aggressor, Sepek continued by noting Spock's futility, telling him "you haven't even mastered a simple Vulcan neck pinch yet!" (TAS: "Yesteryear")

Sepek was voiced by Keith Sutherland. Their name originated from a scripted source.
The final draft of the script describes the following: "Sepek is larger, probably a year or so older than the others." In the "cast" portion of the script, his name was initially spelled "Seped".
The novelization of "Yesteryear" (in Star Trek Log 1) refers to Sepek as the tallest of young Spock's three bullies and goes on to describe him, in relation to Spock, as "a persistent childhood tormentor until later years, when they grew to become great friends."

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