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Insignia with serial number

A Starfleet insignia, inscribed with the wearer's serial number.

Serial numbers, or service numbers, were often used by military organizations as a means of identification.

United States armed forcesEdit

Federation StarfleetEdit

22nd centuryEdit

The serial numbers featured on screen in "The Catwalk" include the initials of the actor; SB for Scott Bakula, JB for Jolene Blalock, and DK for Dominic Keating.

23rd centuryEdit

Prime reality Edit

Alternate reality Edit

24th centuryEdit

Terran Empire Starfleet Edit

Michael Burnham mirror badge
Mirror Burnham's serial number mostly mirrors the prime universe Burnham's Starfleet serial number, except for the order of the letters SHN which remain the same.

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