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Serotonin was a neurotransmitter.

In 2152, Phlox's cortical scan of Travis Mayweather revealed elevated levels of serotonin and several other neurotransmitters in his brain. (ENT: "Singularity")

One of the effects of the Ktarian game was increased serotonin production, generating a feeling of euphoria that added to its addictive properties. (TNG: "The Game")

Tampering by solanogen-based lifeforms caused elevated levels of serotonin to concentrate in the hippocampus of several crewmembers of the USS Enterprise-D. Doctor Beverly Crusher realized that this was caused by a neuro-sedative used by the aliens to sedate the victims of their experiments. (TNG: "Schisms")

Tom Paris exhibited elevated serotonin levels in his hypothalamus after his transwarp flight in 2372. (VOY: "Threshold")

Ensign Vorik had elevated serotonin levels during pon farr in 2373. (VOY: "Blood Fever")

In 2374 The Doctor found that Kes' serotonin levels were 62% above normal, which accounted for her sleeping less and experiencing a lot of energy. (VOY: "The Gift")

In 2375, The Doctor found that Seven of Nine's serotonin levels were low during a regeneration cycle. He described this as normal and thus it did not account for interruptions in the cycle. (VOY: "Infinite Regress")

In 2379, Dr. Crusher found that Deanna Troi's serotonin levels were slightly elevated after a telepathic attack by the Reman Viceroy. (Star Trek Nemesis)

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