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Seven Deadly Sins is an anthology work from Gallery Books. Released in March 2010, the anthology features stories focusing on seven of the Federation's enemies, with each one tying into one of the seven deadly sins.


The Seven Deadly Sins delineate the path to a person's downfall, the surest way to achieve eternal damnation. But there is a way out, a way to reclaim salvation: blame it on the demons – taunting you, daring you to embrace these sins – and you shall be free. The painful truth is that these impulses live inside all of us, inside all sentient beings. But alas, one person's sin may be another being's virtue.
The pride of the Romulan Empire is laid bare in "The First Peer," by Dayton Ward and Kevin Dilmore.
A Ferengi is measured by his acquisition of profit. "Reservoir Ferengi," by David A. McIntee, depicts the greed that drives that need.
The Cardassians live in a resource-poor system, surrounded by neighbors who have much more. The envy at the heart of Cardassian drive is "The Slow Knife," by James Swallow.
The Klingons have tried since the time of Kahless to harness their wrath with an honor code, but they haven't done so, as evidenced in "The Unhappy Ones," by Keith R.A. DeCandido.
Humans' darkest impulses run free in the Mirror Universe. "Freedom Angst," by Britta Burdett Dennison, illustrates the lust that drives many there.
The Borg's desire to add to their perfection is gluttonous and deadly in "Revenant," by Marc D. Giller.
To be a Pakled is to live to up to the ideal of sloth in "Work Is Hard," by Greg Cox.

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Background information[]

  • This is Giller's first published Star Trek work.
  • Originally, Jimmy Diggs was to have contributed the Pakled story to the anthology. Interestingly, Diggs wrote an article in Star Trek: Communicator issue 149 along similar lines to the premise of the anthology.
  • The title and its contents were announced at the Shore Leave convention on 11 July 2008.
  • Originally scheduled for release in August 2009, and solicited in Pocket Books catalog for Summer 2009, the anthology was announced as being delayed to March 2010 on 31 December 2008.
  • The anthology was the first Star Trek trade paperback published under the Gallery Books imprint, following the editorial reorganisation at Simon & Schuster.
  • Cover art and design by Alan Dingman.

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