The Seven Wonders of the Ancient World were seven famous and impressive constructions on Earth. In order of construction, the most recent to be built were:

  1. Temple of Artemis at Ephesus
  2. Mausoleum of Halicarnassus
  3. Colossus of Rhodes
  4. Lighthouse of Alexandria
The oldest wonder, the Great Pyramid of Giza, has also been mentioned on screen. The other two, the Hanging Gardens of Babylon and the statue of Zeus at Olympia, were never mentioned on screen, even though all three were implied to be mentioned offscreen in VOY: "11:59".

Tom Paris once made Neelix list all seven Ancient Wonders of the World in the order of their construction. Neelix was able to name the first six wonders, Seven of Nine helped him with the seventh, the Lighthouse of Alexandria. This feat caused Paris to declare Borg photographic memory "the wonder of the modern world." (VOY: "11:59")

In 2375, Tony Cicci, a hologram in the jack-in-the-box affected Bashir 62 holoprogram, described Odo as the "eighth wonder of the world" for his natural Changeling abilities. (DS9: "Badda-Bing, Badda-Bang")

It is unclear that this reference was to the Ancient Wonders. It could have been to any one of the various lists of Wonders propagated throughout Earth's history.

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