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Picard grapples with an explosive, life-altering revelation, while the Titan and her crew try to outmaneuver a relentless Vadic in a lethal game of nautical cat and mouse. Meanwhile, Raffi and Worf uncover a nefarious plot from a vengeful enemy Starfleet has long since forgotten.



The USS Titan-A goes deeper into the Ryton system's nebula, the Shrike hard on her tail, firing torpedoes. Jack Crusher escorts his injured mother Beverly back to sickbay, where a security ensign blames Jack for their predicament. Jack prepares to confront the man, but Beverly calls him back; the crew will need their assistance soon enough.

Captain Shaw orders evasive maneuvers, trying to outrun the Shrike. But the nebula is interfering with their systems, and the Shrike's weapons have damaged their aft sensors and their warp drive. Picard knows that Vadic could have destroyed them already if she wanted to; she was trying to force them to submit. Riker tells Shaw that they need to hide. Shaw orders La Forge to take them deeper into the nebula. The Titan soon moves out of the Shrike's sensor range, just as the nebula interference finally brings down the Titan's sensors. "We lost her," Riker sums up. "For now," Picard adds grimly.

Act One[]

William Riker, 2381 uniform

Riker in 2381

At 10 Forward Avenue in Los Angeles, circa 2381, Picard and Riker are sitting at the bar celebrating the birth of Riker's firstborn child, Thaddeus, where Picard jokingly toasts that the boy will be raised by "someone endowed with great kindness, patience, and unconditional love" – his mother. Riker appears surprisingly solemn, and explains that they had been aboard the USS Titan when the call came from sickbay, and the way it was said worried him. It had taken seventeen seconds to get from the bridge to sickbay, what Riker called the longest turbolift ride of his life, because he thought something was wrong. It was in that moment that he realized he was now a father, and that all of what one reads about fatherhood went right out the window the moment he saw Thaddeus, so small and so fragile, giving him a feeling that he would burn the world for his son. He hopes that Picard will one day have that feeling too. Just then, a message comes in from a very disheveled-looking Deanna Troi, who sees they've started with the whiskey and cigars; meanwhile, she has not brushed her hair in 72 hours, and his son just projectile-vomited all over engineering. Riker assures his Imzadi he's on his way, and she tells him to bring the whiskey. Picard has a thoughtful expression as his old first officer leaves.

Back aboard the present-day Titan, Shaw calls on the two ensigns watching out the "back windows" for the Shrike, who report no visual. La Forge reports that engineering has estimate at least two hours for repairs to the warp drive. Just then, the ship violently shakes, Lieutenant T'Veen reports it was an energy surge, with both electrical and biological signatures. Shaw sarcastically considers this "fun" and wonders if anyone else wanted to throw any more "weird shit" at him. As La Forge, Esmar and Mura have all pulled 36-hour shifts, he relieves them to take some rest, if they can.

In her quarters, Seven of Nine frustratingly works on a small model while listening to Mozart's "Ave Verum Corpus, K.618", when her door chimes. It is La Forge, who wanted to check up on her. Seven is confined to quarters for her earlier insubordination, but thanks her for her concern. La Forge mentions how her father was considered one of the greatest Starfleet engineers who ever lived, and were fine with her following him into Starfleet, but had second thoughts when she decided to be a pilot instead. Seven notes this sounded rehearsed. La Forge thinks nobody believed she belonged either, that she was only there because she was the daughter of Geordi La Forge. One of the few things she had in common with her father was that she too had a hard time making friends, but knew the value of the ones she did make. Shaw might consider Seven insubordinate for helping her friends, but Geordi would not. Seven is touched by this, and sincerely thanks La Forge, before dismissing her to go rest, smiling when La Forge acknowledges her as "Commander Seven".

In sickbay, Beverly gets to work examining an injured man, only showing a couple of cracked ribs. Dr. Ohk brusquely pushes her aside, earning a protest from Jack, who points out she had been injured. Beverly assures him she was fine, and asks Ohk to put her to work. Ohk is dismissive, saying it would take her longer to explain how technology has advanced in the last twenty years than it would to just do it herself, before she is called away to engineering. Returning to her patient, Beverly tells him he will be fine, and to take it easy. As the man leaves, Picard and Riker enter. Riker suggests he and Jack step away, but Jack replies there was nothing that could not be said in front of him. Beverly again tells him she will be fine, and Jack leaves with Riker.

Jean-Luc Picard and Beverly Crusher in Titan's sickbay

"Jean-Luc, when the galaxy comes calling for you, you are not put upon by it, you love it."

Neither Beverly nor Picard seem willing to begin the conversation for a long period, before she finally speaks. She reminds him of a shore leave on Casperia Prime two months before she left the USS Enterprise-E, "a perfect day on borrowed time" as she calls it, before he was called away early. By that time, they both knew they were at the end. Picard replies that he had not known that at all, that he never thought he would never see her again, or spend years wondering what it was he had done, when it was in fact something she had done. Beverly reminds him that they had ended their relationship, but Picard counters that they had only ended their romantic relationship, and for the fifth time at that. That night, Beverly became pregnant with Jack, and wanted to tell him. When he asks why she didn't, she replies that something always came up: refugees on Kalara V, angry about Romulan relocations, kidnapped him for nine days. Then two Reman assassins attacked the ship in the Donatra sector and held him at disruptor-point, and after that, a photon grenade went off meters from him during negotiations with the praetor. She was convinced there would always be attempts on his life. He asks if she never thought it would be different if she had told him, but she believes that when the galaxy called for him, he was not put-upon by it, but loved it, and she was not convinced he would have walked away from that. Picard points out that she made that choice for him, and that she had no right to condemn people before the fact. Beverly reminds him that he always told her how he never wanted a family, that he didn't want to be a father because he was too afraid of becoming like his own. Picard angrily chastises her for using his past to justify her action, using what he confided in her about his fears to justify cutting him out of the biggest decision of his life. Calming himself, he asks her what could have been had he known, what he could have been – a father, or perhaps a husband? He knows now he could never have become his own father, but he could have learned that twenty years earlier. Beverly admits she was terrified when Jack was born; being the son of Jean-Luc Picard would have put a target on his back, and she had already lost both of her parents, her husband, and her son Wesley to the stars that "owned" Picard. As a mother, her whole being was devoted to protecting her child, and she knew she could protect hers… but was not sure if she could protect his.

In the corridor, Jack paces furiously, while Riker looks on with amusement. Jack tells him to stop looking at him like he was the outcome of a science experiment, but Riker replies that in a way, he was, an experiment that began two decades before he was born, and points out the resemblance to his "dad". Jack counters that Picard was not "Dad" to him. Riker believes Picard to be one of the finest men he has ever known, but Jack is less convinced, saying that he's found only one thing to be true: the bigger the legend, the more disappointing the reality. Riker chalks it up to just being Human, but Jack had heard Picard was positronic now. Riker assures Jack that Picard is still the same man he always was. Just then, two Titan crewmen pass by, glaring at Jack as they make their way to the turbolift; he notices that "accusatory stares" seem to be contagious. Riker reminds him that they had a right to know who or what they were putting their lives on the line for. Jack had not asked for that, nor would he. Riker knows this, but tells him he had to own it, and the best thing he could do was give them a reason to feel good about it. Jack didn't know much about Riker, but recalled that his mother would begin to tell a story about the old crew, and her eyes would light up… but then she would get sad, and stop. He asks if Riker has a family, and Riker responds that he does: he has a wife and a daughter… and he had a son.

As the Titan continues to hide, Picard asks Beverly about the Shrike. She admits she knows nothing; she and Jack worked on worlds Starfleet had forgotten, and ran into trouble from time to time, but nothing like that. He reminds her of how she told him to "trust no one", and she explains that during a supply run on Sarnia Prime, Jack was ambushed by Fenris Rangers, and then Klingons came after him a day later, and even Starfleet had turned on them. Picard was the only person she could trust. She is convinced that what their pursuers want doesn't have anything to do with Jack, but with Picard himself. Picard protests that he knows nothing about Vadic, and Beverly doesn't either, but she points out that the Shrike was no bounty hunter ship; it was a warship, with "Jean-Luc Picard-sized enemies" behind it. An energy surge shakes the ship again, and Picard makes to return to the bridge… before asking about Jack's accent. Beverly replies that he had gone to school in London and had never shaken it, half-jokingly adding that it was probably in his DNA. Before he leaves, he asks if he hadn't deserved a chance, if Jack hadn't deserved a chance to know him. Beverly had told Jack of his parentage when he was old enough, told him where Picard was, and encouraged him to meet his father… and he had chosen not to.

Leaving sickbay, Picard glares for a moment at Jack before brusquely telling Riker to walk with him. When Riker asks what Beverly told him, Picard dismisses it as "immaterial", and that the safety of the ship is the only thing that matters now. His own paternal instinct kicking in, Riker urges his old captain to speak to Jack, get to know him, because one never knew what they would regret later, remembering the loss of Thaddeus. Picard considers it irreparable, and believes he owes Shaw an apology for placing his ship into unnecessary danger. Meanwhile, the ensign at the aft section gets a visual of the Shrike bearing down on them. Shaw orders battle stations, while wondering aloud how the Shrike had found them, as it should have been impossible. The Shrike's helm reports to Vadic that the Titan was "right where it should be". The Shrike fires several volleys of torpedoes, causing severe damage. Shaw is hurled across the bridge and seriously injured, blood pouring from his mouth as he staggers to his feet with the help of two of his crew. Blaming Picard and Riker for getting his ship into the situation, Shaw now leaves it in their hands to get them all out, transferring command authorization to Riker pro tem before being taken to sickbay.

T'Veen reports that the Shrike was still on visual, directly behind them. Riker has Picard launch a torpedo towards the Shrike, intending to detonate it with the phasers and cause a concussion wave (Proximity blast). Picard gets the idea before he even finishes the thought, and carries out the order. Sure enough, the Shrike is knocked away into the nebula, and T'Veen confirms they were off sensors. Picard half-jokingly tells Riker it might be time he gets called "Number One".

Act Two[]

On M'talas Prime, Musiker awakens in her cabin on the SS La Sirena, the local media continuing to play news on a monitor about the attack on the recruitment center and pinning the blame on Lurak T'Luco. As she disables the feed, she can hear music playing from the main hold, and scrambles for her phaser. Inside, Worf is practicing blade drills near La Sirena's warp core with a kur'leth, with "Vallon sonore" by Berlioz playing at full volume. As he finishes, Musiker approaches, demanding to know who he is; Worf easily disarms her before identifying himself. Musiker realizes she is in the presence of a legend, one Picard spoke of all the time. The last thing she remembered was Sneed being about to kill her. Worf tells her it was not her time to join the dead; Musiker recalls the phrase from her transmission to Starfleet Intelligence, and realizes Worf is her mysterious handler. Worf confirms that his interests align with Starfleet's, and that he is acting as a subcontractor of sorts, fearing some kind of attack. The incident at the recruiting center, using the stolen weapon from the Daystrom Institute, was part of something bigger. Musiker is incensed, having come to that conclusion herself; if that was the case, why did he demand she disengage when she was obviously right? Worf counters that he thought she would get herself killed, or nearly so, and that he had obviously been right about that as well. Musiker is still feeling withdrawals from Sneed's "Splinter" drug, which she had taken just before Worf saved her life. Musiker accuses him of blowing her cover, but Worf points out she had already done that herself. She wonders why she was getting herself involved in a mission that came at such a cost, to her life, her family, and her sobriety. Worf reminds her that she had taken on a mission no one said she should take, but he believed she had the heart of a warrior. He has discovered who paid Sneed to lie about T'Luco: A Human named Titus Rikka, who had multiple underworld contacts. They would track him down and find out the truth together, and stop their plan.

Back on the Titan, Picard and Riker are discussing strategy. Picard is convinced Vadic should be as blind as they are, giving a tactical advantage, but Riker believes they should continue to evade until their warp drive is ready, which La Forge estimates will be in approximately twenty minutes. Given the capabilities of the Shrike, Riker insists they should rely on defensive strategy, but Picard thinks they may be forced to re-engage. Riker points out that the Titan was not the Enterprise, but is welcome to his old captain's input regardless. Riker orders La Forge to "keep [them] squirrelly" to buy enough time for repairs.

Small pools of blood line the deck leading into sickbay, as Beverly escorts one of the injured inside. Jack is reassuring a wounded ensign that while she may have lost a bit of blood, they had plenty available, and she would be fine. Dr. Ohk is attending to Captain Shaw, who is gasping for breath. With the other crew stable, Beverly examines the captain herself using her hands to determine what was causing his pain, and explains to Ohk that it is delayed internal bleeding caused by the concussive injuries, which the imaging scanner won't always pick up. With Jack's help, they're able to get him on his side so Beverly can treat him. "How does she keep finding us?" Shaw painfully asks Jack. Jack can only apologize to the captain, not meaning for any of this to happen. All Shaw can do is repeat the question. Jack looks down at Shaw's blood on the deck leading up to the biobed, and comes to a realization before immediately heading out.

The ensign at the stern reports no sign of the Shrike, and engineering reports ten minutes before warp drive is online. Another energy pulse rocks the ship. T'Veen again reports that the pulses have both electrical and biological signatures; she has never seen anything like it, believing it to be some kind of anomaly rather than a mere nebula. Picard sees that going straight through is not a recommended option, and T'Veen confirms this, that logic suggested going deeper would be unwise. Riker tells La Forge to change course, and inform engineering that however long it took them to emerge from the nebula was all the time they were getting to repair the warp drive. Jack attempts to get up to the bridge, needing to warn them about something, but the security officer reminds him they were at red alert and tells him to turn around.

As the Titan approaches the edge of the nebula, the Shrike is hard on her heels. Engineering reports warp drive is ready, and Riker orders a course plotted for the nearest starbase, while also having communications prepare an emergency SOS before going to warp. On the Shrike, Vadic orders "the device" to be prepared, and her crew confirms it was ready at her command. Mura reports a massive energy buildup unlike anything he had ever seen. The Shrike fires off a projectile that opens a portal directly in front of the Titan, pulling it back into the nebula. As the Titan again tries to escape, Vadic orders the weapon fired again, pulling the Titan back. Picard sees that Vadic is trying to corral them, using her weapons and the nebula's energy pulses to cripple them. Now, he insists, they had to fight back. Riker orders La Forge to take them back into the nebula.

Act Three[]

On M'talas Prime, Musiker makes her way through the streets, before spotting Worf leaning against a nearby wall. She had told him to stay back, but it was not in his nature to "stay back"; he also thinks she looks "conspicuous" in the hood she is wearing. Musiker points out the "warrior gear" he has on, to which Worf corrects it was "casual". Musiker sarcastically asks if that was the kind of thing he would wear to a "Tuesday beheading". Worf is glad to see she is feeling better, but Musiker admits she's not; she just gets into it when the moment calls. Worf spots Rikka behind her, and tells her the moment is calling. Worf directs her to pursue him, but she loses him in the crowd. Worf, however, catches up to him, and body-slams him through a table just as Musiker catches up. "Beheadings are on Wednesdays," he corrects her.

The Shrike continues to peck away at the Titan, pushing her deeper inside the nebula. Picard sees they are running out of options, something Riker is all too aware of. Meanwhile, Jack approaches Seven in her quarters, asking about her time with the Fenris Rangers. "Blood in the water," he says, calling it the "oldest trick in the book", believing that was how the Shrike was finding them. They were leaving breadcrumbs, something that didn't need long-range sensors to pick up, but a mass spectrometer. Seven knows the warp coils are insulated with verterium – and they had a leak. Seven knows they have to be sure, but as she and Jack go to leave, the security officer stops them; Shaw's orders still stood. Jack solves that problem by knocking the lieutenant out with a single punch. "You're insane," Seven observes dryly as they make their way out.

Seven and Jack discover the source of the leak, donning gas masks to prevent the poison from killing them (though Jack wryly notes that with all the things trying to kill him that day, it would have to join the queue). Seven realizes the ship's computers are not detecting the leak, and when they discover the source, they find evidence of short-range phaser fire. Seven immediately calls the bridge with their discovery, and Picard comes to the same realization she did: they had a saboteur onboard. T'Veen reports that there was a massive gravity well at the center of the nebula, and recommends they change course. Picard believes they could use the discovery of sabotage to lure the Shrike into a trap and gain a tactical advantage, but Riker reminds him of what he had said earlier: he was not going to risk the ship or its crew. He orders La Forge to inform engineering to prepare for warp. He was bringing the ship and crew home.

As he helps work to stop the leak, Jack is ambushed by Ensign Eli Foster, who appears unaffected by the verterium exposure. Foster removes Jack's oxygen mask and hurls him across the room, while Seven reports she's stopped the leak. When Jack punches him in the face, Foster's face begins to reshape itself. Jack collapses to the deck as Foster flees, while Seven repeatedly tries to contact him as Jack begins to lose consciousness.

Act Four[]

Aboard La Sirena, Rikka shakes violently in his restraints as Worf and Musiker play "good cop, bad cop"; Musiker is more than willing to torture Rikka to found out what she needs to know, while Worf takes a more reasonable, almost passive approach. Musiker recognizes the shaking as withdrawal symptoms, and pulls a container of narcotic from her pocket, holding it in front of him, taunting him. No one knew he was there, she tells him, and he would not leave until they knew what he knew.

Jack returns to consciousness, gasping for breath, seeing Seven standing over him, with what looked like tree roots growing on the ceiling behind her, and her voice telling him to "connect the branches"; he also sees a door of some sort. In actuality, Seven is frantically trying to waken him, and hauls him to sickbay, calling Picard to tell him Jack was injured. Riker urges his old captain to go. Beverly and Ohk immediately take Jack in, while Picard quietly tells the turbolift to take him to sickbay. He recalls what Riker had said when Thaddeus was born, and now Picard is having the longest turbolift ride of his life. When he arrives, Jack has flatlined, and Beverly frantically works to resusitate him. After a moment, Jack lets out a long gasp of breath, as his vital signs return to normal.

Musiker begins to lose patience with Rikka's evasiveness, demanding to know who stole the weapons from Daystrom. Rikka again tries to blame the Romulans, but Musiker is not buying it. Rikka finally admits that he broke into Daystrom himself with "like-minded souls", enemies of the Federation, and that the theft was not about the portal weapon; that was just to keep Starfleet guessing. Musiker realizes that in the initial theft, they stole something else, something far worse. She also sees that what Rikka is displaying is not withdrawal. Worf asks how long Rikka has been away from the Great Link.

Picard returns to the bridge, now that Jack was stable. He again urges Riker to engage the Shrike to protect the crew, but Riker retorts that he is protecting the crew by trying to get them home. Picard is aware that Riker is fearful of loss. Riker is greatly offended by this, knowing full well what loss feels like, and tells Picard he is out of line. Picard heatedly demands to know how long Riker will continue with a "failing strategy" before he changes it, before Riker coldly tells him to sit down: he was the captain of the ship now.

Worf recognizes that Rikka is a Changeling, and what Musiker mistakes for withdrawal symptoms is in fact the Changeling need to regenerate in a liquid form. Rikka taunts the "solid" that they were too late, the Federation would crumble. He finally dissolves into liquid and tries to escape, but Worf vaporizes him with a phaser. Meanwhile, Jack regains consciousness and reports what he had seen when he confronted Foster, realizing that he too is a Changeling. Meanwhile, Foster sets an explosive device near a power conduit.

Worf explains to Musiker that the Changelings were a powerful enemy once, united in purpose, but when the Dominion War ended, a terrorist faction broke away from the Great Link and refused to accept their defeat. A trusted friend within the Link warned Worf of the threat, but if Starfleet acknowledged a faction of rogue Changelings, it could potentially ignite another war with the Dominion. He does not think the rogue Changelings intend to start another Dominion War, but they are preparing some kind of attack, possibly with Starfleet as a target. He thinks Musiker's instinct, that they stole the portal weapon and used it to cover up an even greater heist, may be likely, and suggests they go to the Daystrom station and find out for themselves – as partners.

Seven calls the bridge with Jack's suspicion, but as the ship prepares to go to warp, Foster's bomb goes off, disabling the warp drive. Riker now has no option but to attack, and orders the ship to come about. The leak has been repaired, which meant they should be coming behind the Shrike… but the Shrike has already turned to engage them. Riker orders tactical to fire everything they have, letting loose a volley of torpedoes. But the Shrike uses its portal weapon to redirect the torpedoes back into the Titan herself, completely disabling her engines. Mura reports that the Shrike was retreating. T'Veen warns that they were now sinking towards the gravity well, and La Forge has no control over anything.

Picard tries to reach out to his old first officer. "Remove yourself from the bridge," Riker says coldly. "You've just killed us all." With no way to respond to that, Picard leaves. The crew all stare in shock first at Riker, then at one another, as the Titan continues to plunge towards the gravity well…

Memorable quotes[]

"A toast, my friend, to your newborn son."
"To Thaddeus!"
"And to parenthood. Regarded by many as life's greatest challenge, but I have no doubt your son is in capable hands."
"Because he'll be looked after by the wisest of souls, someone endowed with great kindness, patience, and unconditional love."
"I don't know what to say…"
"His mother!"

- Picard, toasting Riker on the birth of his newborn son Thaddeus at 10 Forward Avenue in 2381

"It took seventeen seconds to get down there. The longest turbolift ride of my life. I thought I was losing him. My unborn son. His whole future flashed in front of my eyes."
"And in that moment, you became a father."

- Riker, telling Picard of the complications of Thaddeus' delivery

"Two months before I left the Enterprise, do you remember our shore leave on Casperia Prime? The waterfalls? A perfect day on borrowed time. They called you back early. That's how it always was with us. There was always a clock. That day maybe more than any other because we both knew we were at the end."
"I didn't. I didn't know I would never see you again."

- Beverly Crusher, recalling the last time she saw Picard

"Would you please stop looking at me like that?"
"Like what?"
"Like I'm the outcome of some science experiment."
"I'm sorry to tell you kid, but you are. I spent two decades in this spaceship watching you get cooked up before you were born."

- Jack Crusher, pacing up and down the Titan's corridor while Riker observes him

"I am Worf, son of Mogh. House of Martok, son of Sergey, House of Rozhenko. Bane to the Duras family, slayer of Gowron. I have made some chamomile tea. Do you take sugar?"

- Worf, introducing himself to Musiker

"Thank you, Jean-Luc."
"Will, I think it might be time you called me Number One."

- Riker, after Picard successfully shakes the Shrike off the Titan's tail

"I was contacted by a close friend within the Link. A man of honor. He informed me of this rogue group but if Starfleet were to acknowledge their existence…"
"We would be reigniting the Dominion War."

- Worf and Musiker

"Remove yourself from the bridge. You've just killed us all."

- Riker, to Picard

"Beheadings are on Wednesdays."

- Worf, to Musiker

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  • Matt Baxter as stunt double for Jonathan Frakes
  • Alyma Dorsey as stunt double for Michelle Hurd
  • Brett Metter as stunt double for Thomas Dekker
  • Chris Naylor as stunt double for Todd Stashwick
  • Tim Storms as stunt double for Patrick Stewart



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aft; atmospheric processing; biometric monitor; CO2 scrubber; criminal record; defibrillator; deuterium; EKG; forward; impulse drive; isotope; magnetic containment; malfunction; pulse; science; sensor sweep; shield generator; system diagnostics; tankage; valve; verterium

Star chart references[]

40 Eridani; 61 Cygni; 81 Cancri; Acamar system; Achernar; Adelphous; Ajilon; Akaali system; Aldebaran; Algol; Alpha Centauri; Alpha Majoris; Alpha Quadrant; Altair; Andoria; Aneto; Arachnid Nebula; Archanis; Arcturus; Ardana system; Argelius; Argus Array; Argus system; Azati Prime system; Babel; Badlands, The; Bajor; Ba'ku system; Balancar system; Barolia; Barradas; Benecia system; Benzar system; Beta Lankal; Beta Leonis Minoris; Beta Quadrant; Beta Rigel; Beta Thoridar; Beta Zeta; Betazed; B'hava'el; B'Moth; Bolarus; Calder; Capella; Cardassia system; Cardassian Union; Carraya system; Celes; Chin'toka system; Clarus; Cor Caroli; Coridan system; Corvan system; Deep Space 9; Deep Space Station K-7; Delta system; Deneb (Kaitos); Deneva system; Denobula Triaxa system; Dessica; Devron; Doctari Alpha; Donatu; Dopteria; Draken system; Draylax; Dreon system; Earth; Eden; Epsilon Ceti B; Elas; Elora; Evora; Fellebia; Ferengi Alliance; Ferenginar system; Free Haven; Galorndon Core system; Gamma Eridon; Gamma Hromi; Ganalda; Gasko system; Gideon system; Halka; H'atoria system; Hupyria; Hyralan; Inferna Prime; Irtok; Japori; Jouret; Kaferia; Kaleb; Kantare system; Kelfour; Khitomer system; Klaestron system; Klingon Empire; Kobliad system; Kressari system; Lappa; Lorillia; Lya Station Alpha; Mab-Bu; Madena; Maluria; Manzar; Maxia; Mempa system; Memory Alpha; Merak; Minos Korva; Miridian; Mizar; Narendra; Nausicaa system; Nelvana; Nequencia; Nivalla; Ophiucus; Organia system; Orion (planet); O'Ryan's Planet; Pahvo; Peliar Zel; Pheben; Pi³ Orionis; Planet Q; Pollux system; Porathia system; Preenos system; Priors World; Procyon; Proxima Centauri; Pyrithia; Qualor; Quam; Ramatis star system; Rator; Regulus; Risa; Rolor Nebula; Romulan Free State; Sarpedion; Sauria; Scalos system; Septimus system; Septra; Setlik; Sherman's Planet; Sigma Draconis system; Sol system; Son'a; Starbase 1; Starbase 10; Starbase 11; Starbase 12; Starbase 157; Starbase 18; Starbase 19; Starbase 211; Starbase 214; Starbase 22; Starbase 23; Starbase 234; Starbase 24; Starbase 257; Starbase 29; Starbase 310; Starbase 343; Starbase 375; Starbase 39-Sierra; Starbase 4; Starbase 46; Starbase 47; Starbase 621; Starbase 88; Starbase 9; Starbase G-6; Suliban; Tagra; Tagus; Talar; Talarian Republic; Talos system; Tarahong; Tarlac; Tau Ceti; Teneebia; Tellar; Tellun system; Terix system; Thalos; Tomed; Toroth; Tranome Sar; Trill system; Troyius; Turkana; Tzenketh system; Unefra system; Unroth; Valakis system; Veda; Vega; Vendor system; Volchok; Vulcan (planet); Wolf 359; Xarantine; Xepolite; Yadalla; Yridia; Zetar system; Zibal

Meta references[]

flashback (story device); intertitle; subtitle

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