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Dawn broke violently on the planet Dak-Alpha – colonised in the 21st century by the Space Federation...


Kirk faces a revolt by the natives of a Federation colony.

Memorable quotes

"Landing party to mothership!"

- Spock

"Take it easy! Once we breast at the scree, we should be right behind them!"

- Kirk

"By Jupiter! The blackhearted devils have blown up the prison! Their leaders will face the firing squad for this!"

- Kirk

Background information


  • Kirk and Uhura are the only crew members to wear red; everyone else wears blue.
  • Kirk swears by Jupiter.

Setting and technology

Six shuttles depart the Enterprise for Dak-Alpha

  • Chekov is aboard, placing the story between 2267 and 2269.
  • Since the Federation was founded in 2161 (the 22nd century), the 21st century founding of the colony on Dak-Alpha must be referring to Human colonization. The second Human extra-solar colony after Terra Nova was planned for the 2080s, so Dak-Alpha would need to have been founded after that.
  • Dak-Alpha bears a similar name to the colony Doctari Alpha.
  • A revolt is also said to be planned on Dak-Alpha's "sister planet", Kalakon. It is not explained whether the two worlds orbit their star in a binary fashion, or if Kalakon simply occupies a nearby orbit.
  • Kirk's shuttle and Scotty's have the same registry: NCC-1701-7. Six shuttles are seen departing from the Enterprise; other visible registries are NCC-1701/3 (named Icarus in the apocryphal story "The Flat, Gold Forever") and NCC-1701/4.

Publishing history

None of the UK weekly stories had titles.


Regular cast

Other characters

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