Shapeshifting locket in natural state

A shapeshifting stone contained in a locket in its natural state

Shapeshifting locket

A shapeshifting stone in locket

"Home. Where is it? Someday we'll know, cousin."
– Odo to "stone" locket, 2369 ("Vortex")

This "stone" locket was an accessory that originated in the Gamma Quadrant that bore a living stone that contained properties that remotely resembled those of Changelings.

An analysis completed by Doctor Julian Bashir on the locket in 2369, the "stone" portion contained "an amalgam of organic material and some sort of crystal." This "more or less" gave the stone properties of life, existing in an almost "transitional stage between organic and inorganic matter," informing Odo that "in a way, this stone might qualify as a distant cousin of yours."

According to the Rakhari Croden, who introduced the item to Odo, merchants on Rakhar bought these type of stones from "off-world traders," and he did not know their true origin. They were primarily used as a type of key that could access, among other things, a stasis chamber. Upon using this "stone", as he called it, to release his daughter Yareth from the stasis chamber where she was being kept, he gave it to Odo (DS9: "Vortex")

Shapeshifting locket sketch

The sketch by Rick Sternbach

The script described the stone's function, describing "Croden opens it […] exposing a stone, which promptly MORPHS into an intricate metallic object. It holds the shape for a five seconds, then shifts back to its original shape.
The shapeshifting locket was designed by Rick Sternbach, who drew the sketch for this prop. (DS9 Season 1 DVD special feature "Deep Space Nine Sketchbook")
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