For the similarly named disease, please see Sharat Syndrome.

Ambassador Sharat was the Kellerun representative present at T'Lani III during their combined attempt to destroy the Harvesters, the Kellerun/T'Lani bio-mechanical weapons. He was a Kellerun negotiator who framed a peace accord in 2370 with the T'Lani.

He ordered the deaths of the scientists who had worked to destroy the Harvesters in order to eliminate everyone who had knowledge of how the weapons worked. Among those he ordered executed were Julian Bashir and Miles O'Brien, who assisted in the destruction of the Harvesters. Ambassador Sharat, believing that both had been killed, informed Benjamin Sisko. Sharat told Sisko that O'Brien and Bashir were killed when O'Brien accidentally activated a hidden security device that emitted a deadly pulse of radiation. He gave Sisko a video recording of the tragedy. Upon finding out that the two had escaped, he and the T'Lani pursued them. When he found them, he ordered his soldiers to shoot them. Both, however, were beamed aboard a runabout by Sisko, who had discovered that the tape was a fake.

Sharat and the T'Lani pursued the runabout, and demanded that the two be turned over to them. The T'Lani blew up the runabout, not realizing that Sisko, O'Brien, and Bashir had transported to a second runabout and had left the area. (DS9: "Armageddon Game")

Sharat was played by Peter White.
According to the script, his name was pronounced as "sha-ROT". [1]
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