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Shatner: Where No Man… is an autobiography, written by William Shatner and Star Trek authors Sondra Marshak and Myrna Culbreath. Published by Ace Books, it was first released in November 1979.


From the book jacket
William Shatner – Captain James Kirk
The two names are practically synonymous. But what is the true story behind the man who made the character a legend? How did the sudden popularity and fame of the late 60's television series affect the life, family and career of the man-behind-the-myth and how will the much publicized multi-million dollar production of Star Trek: The Motion Picture affect William Shatner's future?
William Shatner, in this very revealing and intimate, no-holds-barred biography tells of his long and arduous road to fame and the intensity of being in the vanguard of so innovative a show as Star Trek.
Filled with personal photos from William Shatner's own collection.

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  • Introduction: Voyage into Legend
  • Shatner: Where From?
  • Working Actor
  • Landmarks
  • The Crucible: A Love Story
  • "I Am Kirk"
  • Actor's-Eye View: One Man's "Star Trek"
  • The Man Who Invented a Universe: Roddenberry, The Common Ground
  • Kirk Meets Spock: The Spark
  • Savage Interlude
  • Male and Female
  • Love Story Part II: The House on the Hill
  • The Chameleon Effect
  • Shatner: Where To?

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