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Shatner Rules, subtitled Your Guide to Understanding the Shatnerverse and the World at Large is an autobiography written by William Shatner, with Chris Regan. Published by Dutton, it was first released in October 2011.


From the book jacket
You love William Shatner.
You admire his many and varied talents.
You appreciate his creativity and willingness to take risks.
You want to learn his master negotiation techniques.
You wish you could hang out with him.
Admit it. You want to BE William Shatner.
And now…you can (almost).
This collection of rules, illustrated with stories from Bill's illustrious life and career, will show you how Bill became WILLIAM SHATNER, larger than life and bigger than any role he ever played. Shatner Rules is your guide to becoming William Shatner. Or more accurately, beautifully Shatneresque.
Because let's face it… Shatner does rule, doesn't he?.

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