Tuvok shaves

"Shaving is a Human art form, Data. Technological perfection can shave too close."
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Shaving was the process of using a razor to remove hair from the face (such as a beard) or from the top of the head.

In 2265, the USS Enterprise had encountered the galactic barrier, exposing Gary Mitchell to incredible psychic powers. Captain James T. Kirk compared the scenario to a time on Deneb IV where he had a memorable incident with a "nova," though Mitchell thought that his encounter with the barrier did not have "nearly as many after-effects, except for the eyes. They kind of stare back at me when I'm shaving." (TOS: "Where No Man Has Gone Before")

During a friendly poker game aboard the USS Enterprise-D in 2369, William T. Riker claimed that he would shave his beard off "in a minute," but that he had "just gotten used to it." Beverly Crusher took that as a challenge, and raised the stakes so that if she won, Riker, Worf, and La Forge would have to shave off their beards. (TNG: "The Quality of Life")

The term shaving could also refer to removing the outer layer of a metallic substance surreptitiously. In 2370, upon learning that Martus Mazur had offered Rom a one-quarter partnership in his establishment, Club Martus, Quark warned Mazur that Rom shaved the latinum (i.e. embezzled). Rom initially denied the allegation, then added, "Not much." (DS9: "Rivals")

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