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Shawn McConnell is a former professional dart player turned into stuntman who appeared as a Nausicaan bodyguard in the Star Trek: Deep Space Nine fourth season episode "Bar Association". As a background actor he received no on-screen credit for this appearance. The story for this episode required two performers who had experience in playing darts and McConnell took the role alongside fellow darts player James Lomas. Both McConnell and Lomas also worked as dart advisors for Deep Space Nine.

McConnell started out in the stunt industry in the '90s and has performed stunts in the short comedy American Icarus (2002, with Jerry Rector), the superhero movie Daredevil (2003, with stunts by Jon Braver, Jennifer Caputo, Mark Chadwick, Shauna Duggins, Tommy J. Huff, Rob Mars, Pat Romano, Jeff Wolfe, and Christopher Leps), the thriller The Last Ride (2004, with stunts by Doug Coleman, Eliza Coleman, Mark DeAlessandro, and Steve Holladay), and the thriller Lost in Plainview (2005, with stunts by Marjean Holden, Rich Minga, and Sharon Shaffer).

Prior to his stunt work he worked as background performer such as a Minbari on the science fiction series Babylon 5. [1] McConnell is specialized in motorcycle, car, and fight stunts.

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