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The shelf life of Gronerium compound 3983

Shelf life was the length of time a chemical could remain potent while not in use. A product whose shelf life had ended was said to be expired.

Gronerium compound 3983 had a shelf life that exceeded ten standard years without its potency diminishing appreciably. This information was available on the USS Enterprise-D's computer database. (TNG-R: "Night Terrors", okudagram)

In 2377, Chellick declined Gar's offer to sell Hospital Ship 4-2 more cytogenics, claiming the last shipment consisted of expired lots and diluted samples. (VOY: "Critical Care")

In the writers' second draft script of ENT: "Breaking the Ice", Commander Trip Tucker, sensing that Captain Archer was telling a lie about why he felt he needed to take antacids, commented, "I hope the shelf-life on those antacids has expired," which merely amused Archer.

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