List of Sherlock Holmes characters.

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Boy Edit

Boy, Sherlock Holmes program

A boy

This boy stole something from the pie vendor and ran through Doctor Pulaski, Data, and Geordi La Forge. Data commented that this was only a distraction to cover the crime of killing Jabez Wilson. (TNG: "Elementary, Dear Data")

The boy was played by an unknown actor.

Bystanders Edit

Bystanders, Sherlock Holmes program

Several bystanders

These bystanders were present when Data solved a crime of a recently found dead man on a street in London. They watched the whole scenario and were shocked when Data accused the widow. Among the bystanders were two prostitutes, two sailors, and two police officers. (TNG: "Elementary, Dear Data")

One of the bystanders was played by background actor Mark Wilson and the others by unknown performers.

Dead man Edit

Dead man, Sherlock Holmes program

A dead man

This dead man was found on a street in London by Inspector Lestrade. Data, as Sherlock Holmes, revealed that his wife killed him and he was recently released from prison. (TNG: "Elementary, Dear Data")

The dead man was portrayed by an unknown actor.

Dead man's widow Edit

Widow, Sherlock Holmes program

The widow

This woman was the common law widow of the dead man found on a street in London by Inspector Lestrade. She covered herself as a bystander but was accused and convicted by Data who told Lestrade that she strangled her husband after he was released from prison. The widow herself was then imprisoned. (TNG: "Elementary, Dear Data")

The widow was played by Rosemarie Baio who received no credit for this appearance.

Emissary Edit

Emissary, Sherlock Holmes program

The emissary

This emissary of a foreign government was part of a Sherlock Holmes holoprogram in which Data and Geordi La Forge participated. He was introduced by Inspector Lestrade who told Data that the man was robbed. Data revealed the true identity of the emissary who was not working for, but against the King of Bohemia and used the photograph of the King and his mistress to blackmail him. The robbed photograph was discovered in his jacket. (TNG: "Elementary, Dear Data")

The emissary was played by an unknown actor.

Gentleman Edit


A gentleman

The gentleman was part of Data's Sherlock Holmes program. His brother was found dead and it had been ruled a suicide. Data in the role of Holmes believed that the brother had been killed with a poisoned cigar. When the gentleman protested saying that his brother had left a suicide note, Data pointed out that handwriting could be forged and that the note was written by a left handed person, while the brother was right handed. At that moment, Data tossed the gentleman an object which according to the program he would catch in his left hand proving he murdered his brother. Instead he grabbed it with his right hand which was the first indication that the holodeck was malfunctioning. This malfunction would lead to a confrontation with Professor Moriarty, a self-aware hologram. (TNG: "Ship in a Bottle")

The gentleman was played by Clement von Franckenstein.

Pie vendor Edit

Pie man

A pie vendor

The pie man was a character in Data's Sherlock Holmes holoprogram. He followed a boy who had stolen something from his pie stand. Data revealed that this was only a distraction to cover another crime. (TNG: "Elementary, Dear Data")

The pie man was played by Richard Merson.

Police officer Edit

Sherlock Holmes police officer

A police officer

This police officer was a character in Data's Sherlock Holmes holoprogram. He was seen patrolling the streets of the program. (TNG: "Elementary, Dear Data")

He was played by an unknown actor.

Prostitute Edit


A prostitute

The prostitute was in the company of Professor Moriarty when he discovered the computer arch. When Moriarty talked to the arch and it disappeared, the prostitute called it dark magic. (TNG: "Elementary, Dear Data")

The prostitute was played by Diz White.

Regina's mother Edit

This woman was the mother of Countess Regina Barthalomew. While her daughter was on safari with her uncle, she took to her bed, afraid that Regina would be bitten by a tsetse fly. (TNG: "Ship in a Bottle")

This character was only mentioned in dialogue.

Regina's uncle Edit

This man was the uncle of Countess Regina Barthalomew. He took the Countess on a safari when she was seventeen. The experience made her enamored with travel. (TNG: "Ship in a Bottle")

This character was only mentioned in dialogue.

Ruffian Edit


A ruffian

The ruffian was a hologram in the Sherlock Holmes program. He tried to rob Picard and Data at knife point. Data disarmed him, breaking his thumb, and discovered that the ruffian could have killed them, since the failsafe systems were off line. (TNG: "Elementary, Dear Data")

The ruffian was played by Biff Manard.

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