White church stained glass window - right

Shinto represented in in New Eden religious imagery. (circle, lower-left)

Shinto was considered one of Earth's primary religions, often symbolized by distinctive Japanese gates found at the entrance to their shrines.

After the red angel transported a group of humans in the East Fork Presbyterian Church from the bombings of World War III in 2053 to the distant planet Terralysium, the "New Eden" settlers "cobbled" together their diverse faiths – including Shinto.

In 2257, Michael Burnham recognized imagery of Shinto shrine gates on the stained glass windows of the White Church. (DIS: "New Eden")

Shinto was represented in the window by a torii, the traditional gate to a Shinto shrine. Today, Shinto is mostly contained to Japan, where it is the largest religion, though it has some limited adherence abroad, including in the United States.

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