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The ship's store was, historically, a retail space aboard a naval vessel where sailors could purchase non-regulation essentials and non-essentials. When Human's ventured into outer space, such facilities were later placed aboard Federation starships. Such items included apparel, tools, and samples of compounds. On a Galaxy-class starship, ship's stores were located on deck four. (TNG: "The Naked Now", "Datalore")

In 2266, aboard the Constitution-class USS Enterprise, Charles Evans gave a gift of perfume to Yeoman Janice Rand. Rand was surprised that Evans was able to procure that scent, as the ship's stores didn't stock that kind of perfume, not knowing that Evans had, in fact, conjured the bottle for her himself. (TOS: "Charlie X")

The Enterprise's stores were also mentioned in an ultimately unused line of dialogue from the final draft script of TOS: "The Naked Time". In that teleplay, self-appointed "Captain" Kevin Riley notified the vessel's crew that a pint of perfume from ship's stores would be provided to all female crewmen who attended an upcoming formal dance.

In 2268, Kirk ordered Chief Engineer Montgomery Scott to inform ship's stores that he (Kirk) and Doctor McCoy would need native costumes before transporting back down to the planet Neural. (TOS: "A Private Little War")

After time traveling from 2268 to 1968, Captain Kirk ordered Spock to have the ship's stores prepare proper costumes for the landing party before beaming down to Earth in search of Gary Seven who had escaped from security confinement. (TOS: "Assignment: Earth")

In early 2364, aboard the USS Enterprise-D, Lieutenant Natasha Yar went to ship's stores for sexy sleepwear. She was later seen in this sleepwear when seducing Lieutenant Commander Data. (TNG: "The Naked Now")

Later that year, Lore retrieved a macrotool and samples of quadratanium from the Enterprise-D store. With his possessions, Lore knocked out his brother Data with a combination of champagne and quadratanium, and repaired his face with the macrotool. He turned the tool on Data, causing damage to his face. (TNG: "Datalore")

Geordi La Forge supposed that a coil needed by the Ornarans was available in the ship's store. (TNG: "Symbiosis")

A ship's store was also located on the Promenade of Deep Space 9. During the Occupation of Bajor, it was the site of a chemist's shop. (DS9: "Necessary Evil")

In the first draft script of ENT: "Fortunate Son", Travis Mayweather told Ryan that the stores on the NX-class starship Enterprise NX-01 wouldn't have anything similar to a particular component from the ECS Fortunate. However, in the final edit of the episode, Mayweather instead says Enterprise's quartermaster wouldn't have anything like it.

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