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The Shipyard Bar

Interior, after hours

The Shipyard Bar was a recreational facility and bar near the Riverside Shipyard in Riverside, Iowa, in the alternate reality. According to a sign outside, it was open late.

The various items on the menu included Klabnian fire tea, Budweiser Classic, Cardassian sunrise, Slusho, Jack Daniel's, Papalla juice, Jestral tea, Mareuvian tea, Home base fries, and Saurian brandy.

In 2255, Nyota Uhura, along with multiple Starfleet Academy cadets visited the bar, where she met James T. Kirk for the first time. Shortly thereafter, a bar fight erupted between Kirk and four cadets, including Hendorff, who beat him savagely. The fight was broken up by Captain Christopher Pike, who four years later referred to it as an "epic beating". (Star Trek; Star Trek Into Darkness)

Employees and visitors


Background information

This bar is referred to as "The Warp Trail" Bar in the screenplay for Star Trek. [1] During pre-production on that film, the bar was named Dodge bar. Many background actors listed themselves as "Dodge bar characters" in their resumes. [2]

Scenes at the bar were filmed in an American Legion bar in Hollywood. According to the audio commentary the weird pattern displaying light panels were meant to evoke a "Blade Runner-y" feel. It also featured much memorabilia related to space travel, including salt shakers modeled after the USS Kelvin.


The novelization of Star Trek, while still referring to the Riverside Shipyard, places the bar in Storm Lake, 250 miles away.

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